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Our eLearning programs are delivered through our state-of-the-art Learning Management System (LMS) provided by our partners at Pearson Learning Solutions. When you purchase a program, you'll receive a Welcome email from the Learner Support team with introductory information about how to access your program including your login credentials. If you have not yet received it, please check your junk email box or contact Learner Support at
We're here to help! You'll find most common support troubleshooting strategies in our Learner Support center. Here you can find a robust set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) and/or submit a help ticket any time if you're still having difficulty. Once we receive your ticket, we'll be back to you as soon as possible. But if you need immediate assistance, please reach out to Learner Support at We're available from 8am-8pm EST, Monday - Friday.

If you have downloaded your eBook or accessed it via the Bookshelf app outside of your course, the publisher may need to re-verify your access from time to time. If you get an error when attempting to access the eBook or if you are prompted to purchase the eBook, you need to re-establish access simply by logging back into your course and accessing the eBook from that point.

Re-Authenticate eBook Access Steps:

  1. If you are logged in to your course, please log out and back in. If you are not logged into your course, please log in using the credentials provided by Learner Support.
  2. Click on the eBook item in the left navigation one more time.
  3. Follow any prompts and you should be directed to the eBook without issue.
By completing this re-authentication step, you will be able to access your downloaded copy of the eBook on any other device without issue as well.


If there are textbooks or other student materials included with your eLearning program, these materials will be shipped out to you at the address provided at checkout. An email will be sent out to you with tracking information as soon as your books are shipped, usually within 24 hours of purchase. Before you receive your books, you should log into your eLearning program to familiarize yourself with the online presentation tools, syllabus, course checklists and other educational instructions so you're ready to go as soon as your books arrive. Note that not all programs require textbooks.
Career Programs include the opportunity for Learners to complete and optional externship with a local employer in your community focused on your field of study. Once you successfully complete the online program, you'll be paired with an Externship Placement Specialist. Our Placement team will work one-on-one with you to determine your schedule requirements, placement preferences and explain the overall placement process. As required for specific employers, a drug screen, background check and/or immunizations may be required for placement. From there, we'll tap our network of over 50,000 employers nationwide to place you with an organization that focuses on your field of study in your local community. Once placed, you'll work directly with your externship supervisor to complete a variety of hands-on exercises required to complete the externship. More than that, though, you'll gain the work experience necessary to compete for local jobs in your new field.
All of the eLearning programs are accessible on desktop computers, laptops, tablets and most mobile devices. If you have questions about whether your device will be sufficient to access your eLearning program, please consult the Technical Requirements guide. If you do not currently have a device where the eLearning programs are available, talk to us about how we can provide a laptop for you to access the programs.
Learners who complete their eLearning program will receive a Certificate of Completion from the Institution. For most programs, there is also an option to challenge one or more national certification exams. Qualifications and requirements to sit for individual certification exams may vary so please check in with the Learner Support team if you're unclear on how to proceed with the certification exam associated with your field of study.
Yes! All of the Career Tracks offered here were developed to help students obtain a nationally- or industry-recognized certification at the conclusion of the program. Many times, these certifications are required by state regulations in order to work in your selected field but even still, employers are super encouraged to see candidates who've committed to earning certification in their field. It shows that you're really invested in your new career and it really sets you apart from other applicants. Our Learner Support team is also available to help you understand the certifications and credentials available to you and guide you through the registration/application process necessary to earn that credential.
Live sessions with the instructor are a great way to really grasp the material and interact with other students in your class. Our instructors provide live training sessions online over our webinar portal. Here you'll participate in a variety of interactive exercises and interact with your class as you learn the material. For some programs, there is also the opportunity to do live in-person labs and practical exercises with the instructor on-campus when necessary for the successful completion of your program.
Great job! If you've completed your eLearning program as well as the externship placement, it's time to start putting yourself in front of local employers looking for candidates with exactly your skills. Our partners at CampusEd work every day to connect candidates with local employers who've posted over 50,000 jobs online at CampusEd. Armed with national certification and/or digital badges, you're sure to get their attention. If you haven't already joined CampusEd, Contact Us for more information on how to get started.

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